Polish-Israeli Startups Foundation


The Manifesto

We strongly believe in sharing experiences and expanding networks between startup ecosystems.
We draw connections between people and organizations from Poland and Israel for mutual growth.
We support startups, community managers, investors, corporations and policymakers in knowledge transfer, establishing deal flow and expanding networks between Israel and Poland for mutual growth.
We believe in Openness, Networks, Pay-It-Forward Culture and Chutzpah.

Long Term Goals

  1. Create vehicles for sustained Knowledge and Mindset Transfer between Israel and Poland.
  2. Build Networks sprouting meaningful partnerships and connections between both ecosystems.
  3. Boost Globalization and International Expansion efforts done by entrepreneurs from both ecosystems.
  4. Promote Polish Entrepreneurship and innovations in Israel.
  5. Influence pro-innovation Legislative Change and administrative startup support in Poland by introducing best practices from Israel.

What we do

Scout Innovation

Find top design and development talent in Poland – one of biggest countries of Central Europe. Explore Tel Aviv’s world-leading startup ecosystem with the help of PI/Startups. Connect with world class innovators to grow.


We develop and foster friendly relationships and branched network for Israeli and Polish entrepreneurs. We know how important it is to every business to cooperate with the right people. We work only with the best. We connect you with the contacts you need and create an elaborate network to build a healthy business ecosystem.


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is half the battle. We help you to evaluate and utilise them in the best way for your company and as effectively as possible to benefit from entering the new market.

Who we are

Piotr Piotrowski


Piotr Murjas

Vice President

Kamil Rajtarski

Vice President

Monika Mroczkowska

Head of International Affairs

Rafał Jóźwiak

Head of Cybersecurity and Technology

Wojciech Kokot

Head of Operations

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